Snapshot · traveling

A Place In Norway

588EAF29-F1E6-495D-B52C-70609EB6A188.jpg110ECAD3-8513-483D-8F83-798356C60CC81CB07DE6-420F-4253-8DDF-CE796235EC0124E67AF3-9BA2-45AB-AE42-A66B0F0D9CF1From some random place in Norway, before we started our journey back to Bodø. I’m so used to places like that, but I can still see how beautiful it can be.

So how does it feel to be back in London? Better than expected. The first night when I was walking to Tesco to get some food after getting all my stuff inside I had this really good feeling just because I’m here and I do like this place a lot, the freedom and the oppurtunities. It’s all about doing something with it.

So today I’m back to being a hostess, and at the end of the week I might be booked for a modeling job. Either way I’ll not waste my days ❤


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