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My Final Week In London

So right now I’m at the airport in Oslo. My flight to Stavanger leaves at 3, then I’ll get my flight to London and land around 6pm at Heathrow.

To be completely honest I’m not really a lot wiser then last time you heard from me. Confused is still the right word. But I think this will be my last week in London. Not last as in I’m coming back in a week or a month, but last as in I’m probably not going to come back for a long time.

I will be going back to my home town for a festival next week, and that’s it I think. I will have to go back to Oslo because of my Visa and all that, there’s also more money there, and I have already been staying in London for a long time not because I really wanted to but because I really wanted to be with someone. And yes that was always the right choice for me, but I know that I need to think of myself and what I need to do because I can’t expect anyone else to do that for me.

Now that you’re reading this you might be wondering why I’m saying confused because it already seems like I’ve made up my mind. The thing is… Last time I left London everything was different for me. I was homesick and couldn’t stand doing the same things all the time, I also got more and more annoyed for sacrificing so much when I didn’t feel like I loved London like I used to. Which was only my fault because I stopped doing things and meeting people and all that like I always did in the beginning – not just making a routine of going home after work. I travel because I want to see places and live my months in the city experiencing things, not wherever my bed that I’m sleeping in is. If I only wanted to do that there would never have been such a crave to leave my small town.

To be honest I have no idea how I will feel when I get back. Will I want to stay a bit longer? Will I just want to leave again?

I guess only time will show. I’ll give it this week and then I’ll be leaving again anyways, but I need to be certain of what to do next.

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