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8 Things I’m Grateful For

So I thought I would do a little post about things I’m grateful for – which kinda turned into not just things. Hope you like it!

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  • Growing up in Norway. When I was a kid I always wished I was living somewhere in USA because I felt I would have a lot more opportunities to do different and bigger things, which is probably true, but looking back I’m so happy I got to just be a kid and grow up in such a safe and good country.
  • Getting to know my dad. Like a lot of other families it’s been a lot of different things going on. As I got older I’ve gotten a more mature way to see things and life, and I’m happy that I do get to spend time with my dad and that he’s now a part of my life. It means a lot to me.

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  • At times I get annoyed at myself because I can literally hear myself say and sometimes do the things I always get annoyed at my mom for saying or doing. But if there’s one thing I’ve said my entire life it’s that I would be so happy if I became half the person my mom is, and I’m so grateful for everything she’s taught me and for having such a beautiful person both on the inside and outside as a mom.
  • This is almost becoming a family thing right now but I also want to say my brother. Seeing him grow into the person he is today, and him soon becoming a father. Looking back at us both years ago, and then again today I get this sad/happy feeling. We have grown so quickly and now we’re basically “adults”, but at the same time we’ve turned out pretty good I would say. I can’t wait to be an aunt ❤ Will be the proudest one!

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  • Changing from a “shy” person to a person who speaks up. That’s a huge thing for me right now – I speak my mind and I don’t just let things pass if I feel like something’s not right. If you read my previous blog, you would know it wasn’t really ever about shyness – I wrote the post in Norwegian so I’ve been thinking I need to translate it so more people can understand.

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  • Having struggles and knowing that life’s never perfect. We all experience hard times – some people less, some more. To be honest I’m grateful for all the hard times and struggles. It’s made me tough and it’s made me realise how much I can do for myself – how strong I am and what I deserve. I know people who’s taken themselves for granted, looking back later they might realise what they should have done for themselves or what they deserve, and I have also learned from that. There was a time where I never got to be the person I really am because of different things, but I think that’s what makes it so important to me know. To be me and be proud of it.

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  • I would love to say “knowing what life’s about”, but hey – I’m only 20 years old, I have so much to learn still and I’m very aware of that. But I do want to say I’m grateful for the way I have learned to look at life. I know I got this one time to spend with the people I love. I know I got to appreciate it. I know I have to listen to what I want – not expectations or other peoples opinions about it. I wouldn’t want to waste time chasing other people when I have such a good person right next to me, growing and learning both together and apart. The people I let in will always be a huge part of my life and I will always be grateful for them.

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  • You can say a lot of things about friends – but when they become family, that’s something else. Something you should always appreciate. I’m so grateful for growing up with a friend by my side, someone I know will always be there through thick and thin. You’ll never feel completely alone no matter what you’re going through and that’s something that’s not given, that’s really special.

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