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I Didn’t Get My Visa Accepted?!

You know how I told you all about how I went to Oslo and visited the embassy to get my visa before I go to LA? Well, what I didn’t tell you was what actually happened.

I went through security, found my seat inside and all that. First I got called to give my passport, then the waiting started. It took a long time before I understood how the process would go. After a new number was called a different person went up to the guy behind the glass to have their interview in front of everyone. Most of them were not Norwegian, but living there – and the rest that was Norwegian had been in Iran or Irak earlier, or had done something criminal in their past which was why they had to apply for Visa that way. This was the reason why I was sitting there thinking I would be called to have my interview somewhere else. I’ve never been to any of those places, I don’t have a criminal record, and I was born and raised in Norway.

Turns out I was also going to have my interview there. I went up – told him how long I was planning on staying, showed him a document that proved I had enough money to provide for myself while I was there. I also said where I was living at the moment and what I was doing. From the beginning he wasn’t asking many questions – only writing a lot (like really a lot) after every time I said something. I also told him that I already had a place to stay when I got to Los Angeles.

After telling him this – all I got was “you’re gonna be alone for 4 months?”, “you’re gonna be walking around like a tourist for 4 months?”, “how are you going to provide for yourself?”

So yeah – after me telling him about how I went to London completely by myself without knowing anyone, because it’s basically what I do – travel, experience things, meet new people, after showing him on paper how I will provide for myself – that is what I got in return. In my head I was thinking did I just talk to a wall? I was really expecting more after hearing him just be in normal, polite conversation with everyone else.

To explain my life and traveling even more – I told him about modeling. Which I see after was probably the most stupid thing to do. Even though it should make sense. I told him how I was traveling alone when I was only 17 – how I’ve been traveling alone and for months at a time since then and that’s how I’ve found a huge passion for it. He just heard modeling – he heard “maybe she’ll try to get illigal work in LA, because who really goes alone and wants to stay for 4 months?” Even though I had all the documents I should have, told him I knew what I would have to do if I got a work offer – to apply for a different Visa when I came back again.

That’s what you get for being honest, right? He could have looked me up online and he would’ve seen I’ve been doing modeling. I thought being honest about it would make him realise what kind of person I am. But in the end it’s just words, and his personal perception of people he doesn’t know matters more than me being honest, becuase I could have just been lying, right? But the thing is… If I did lie – I’m pretty certain I would’ve gotten a Visa. Do you have any idea how easy it would be for me to just mention I’ve worked in Selfridges, and been a make-up artist for Chanel? So now I want to have a long vacay in LA? I’ve would’ve been in. Haha, for sure. But I didn’t because I was honest and I just wanted to tell him why I was doing what I was doing, why I didn’t mind going alone and tell him about all the experience I had with it already.

He asked me only four questions – and that’s the ones I listed above.

Sometimes I hate that I always have to be honest like that, but ah I mean… It still feels better than lying. Even though it pisses me off that he had to be like that and that I was so close. Also all the money that went with it of course…

And the worst thing I think is that I emailed the embassy first. I told them EVERYTHING. Yep, me being honest again. Modeling, traveling, how long bla bla bla. I even told them what if I want to do modeling in LA when I’m there?

They answered back what type of Visa I had to apply for (the one that I got rejected the second I mentioned modeling) they said modeling would be completely fine, and if I ever wanted to do it in LA or got an opportunity I just had to apply for a different Visa when it happened. So I applied for the Visa, paid the fee, booked everything to Oslo…

Then got asked four questions before getting told he wouldn’t accept my Visa. That’s when I understood why we have to have the interviews in front of everyone. Got anything to say? That’s gonna get really uncomfortable for you – right in front of everyone. Before he shut the window on me I only got to say – “but why? I just showed you documents that I can provide for myself and everything”. And that was it.

I came back home, emailed the embassy again. I told them what they told me first and then what I learned in my interview. They said that I could apply again and go for another interview. They also said I would get the reason why is wasn’t accepted on my site online. I never got anything. Still don’t know why a girl that loves traveling, has enough money to go, had place to stay, and documents on it all as well, no criminal record – isn’t allowed to get the Visa? Even though at the same time I know why, kind of…

So what now?

Well – I’m still going. Tickets might have to be bought before I go to my next interview, I might have even more documents just for every little thing, but I’ll have it.

All I know now is that it’s going to feel even better landing in Los Angeles. And yeah – I’m still going for September. Hopefully it’s gonna go easier next time.

I mean – without a bit of struggle you’re not going very far, are you?

I didn’t want to write all this to make anyone look bad or just to sound bitter, I wanted to tell you guys my experience of it all and what happened. I mean – I’m really lucky I’ll get the chance to go again and eventually get it all worked out, I know some people only get one chance and worse things have happened.

After getting angry and frustrated I just have to focus on the next step. You can’t expect things to always go your way.

Here’s a photo of what my face will look like when I get out of that plane landing in LA! 😉

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