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Not Going Back To London?

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Ready for the last weekend in Bodø! We almost got all next week here, but we’ll be going to Oslo for the weekend.

Then it’s back to London for Dan, and for me – I’m not quite sure…

I’ve been considering to stay in Oslo until I leave for LA. I have a lot of friends there and there’s a good oppurtunity for me to save up more money before I leave.

My plan was always to stay in London for a year and then leave. And when I make a plan – that’s usually what I go for. Only this time I met Dan, so I stayed longer for him.

I obviously knew that doing that couldn’t make me happy in the long term even though I’m happy when I’m with him.

I have always been independent and strong on my own – and I think that being true to yourself and still make decisions for yourself is important even though you’re in a relationship. If you really love someone you would always want the best for them and support their decisions if it really is the best for them as a person -even though at times it might be hard ❤

I have missed a lot of time with my closest friends, even though I would never make a different decision looking back – I now think it’s time to really consider in which place I would be happiest before starting my journey to Los Angeles.

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