Fun facts



Thought it might be fun to let you guys know some positive things about having a boyfriend from a different country! And don’t worry… the negative ones will come later, haha.


  • You get to practise speaking a different language a lot – and get better at it as well.
  • You get to experience their home country a lot different then what you would if you only visited for a holiday.
  • You learn about different cultures and traditions then what you are used to growing up.


  • You can speak your own language (in my case) without the other person understanding what you’re saying. It’s too funny, haha. Even though Dan can get annoyed sometimes. Which I understand. Not a positive thing for him.
  • Teaching each other a different language. I think it’s so much fun teaching him Norwegian and hearing him speak. I also get really impressed when he can kinda get what I’m saying when I’m just speaking.
  • Taking them home. Everything I’m used to is completely new to him. He can see the beauty in things that I see as so normal. I’ve loved every part of taking Dan home and showing him around. He reminds me how much beauty there is here and how amazing my home country is. It’s also the most fun experience seeing his reactions to all of it. I think this has to be my favourite thing about having a boyfriend from a different country.Β IMG_1239This is his expression every time he steps outside my house πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
  • You can learn a lot. I know every couple can do that because we all usually have different lives from before, different childhood, different friends and all that – but when you’re from a different country as well the differences might be even stronger. For us we have lived so many years in completely different places, so we have both learned a lot from each other and our previously experiences.
  • The last thing I would say is that I think we both very strongly value our relationship because the world is so huge and the fact that we ended up meeting is so crazy to think about. I’m very happy I ended up doing the most spontaneous thing I’ve ever done – moving to London ❀

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