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A Day In Oslo


Some snaps from Oslo today! Had some really good veggie food at Egon outside. Was a bit cold and started raining earlier, but right before I had to leave the weather was so nice. Now back to Bodø and the cold. But also Dan and Mom so it’s not so bad ❤

Would have liked to stay longer with Mathilde because we’re always in different places it seems like and never get to have enough time together. It’s always about prioritising time though, and I think no matter what you’re doing or how much you’re working in life we all should remember we only got this time to spend with the people we love – so that should always be something to focus on. Being happy will always be the most important.

Like I said I woke up really early today and it has been the longest day. I’m now back in my house ready to eat and chill and send some emails. Hope everyone’s good!

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