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Body Talk

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My body has been through a lot… I have always cared about health and always kept active, but when I started modeling little Marte listened too much to what the agency told her. I don’t think it’s right to tell a 16 year old to not eat carbs and not eat after 7 in the evening if you want to do well in modeling. I really wanted to do my best and I listened to someone who was supposed to help me in the right direction and teach me the correct way to go about things in the industry. I guess you live and you learn, right?

I was very skinny for a while and still got health issues from it – I can tell you guys more about this and my first meeting with the model industry if you would like.

Anyways – my view on my body and food and everything is completely different now. I workout, I eat what I want, I focus on staying healthy and getting strong, I love pizza, and I love that I have more curves. I just want to focus on my health and treating my body right. And yes – sometimes being healthy means eating sweets or fast food or just whatever you’re craving.

And if any model agencies don’t want me because of my strong and healthy body, I know now that that’s their loss!

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