SKY Fitness – How I Work Out

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Hey guys! So now I’m back in my hometown – and even though it feels a lot like a holiday to me, working out is still a big part of my days.

To any of my Norwegian followers living here – I work out at SKY Fitness in the city. I love how central and close to my house it is. It’s also very open and has all of the equipment that I need. It’s two floors with all the machines upstairs and free weights downstairs, which is perfect as I usually split my workouts with machines and free weights. The best thing is that it’s open 24 hours! I love that.

My mom even goes gym there as well and she always goes really early in the morning, while now that I’m here and can’t go to sleep so early because it’s light literally all day and night – I can go late in the evening or even at night. Also – it’s only 249 kr per month!

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So which workouts are my favourite and what do I focus on?

First of all – I like to start with HIIT. High intensity interval training. I start running, speed up as fast as I can, do 20 seconds on, then jump off for 10 seconds and jump on again. And I keep it going like that for about 15-20 minutes. Sometimes longer if I want to focus more on cardio that session.

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So like I’ve mentioned earlier I usually focus my workouts on legs and glutes. Mostly because working out should be fun, and I really enjoy it, but also because the exercises that I do includes me having to use the rest of my body as well. After I started doing more weights I can really see the difference – how my muscles have changed and gotten a lot more toned. Please don’t think as a girl that weights will make you look “big”. It’s only gonna make you look toned and feel really good! Also I love feeling a lot stronger and seeing how my body keeps improving in strength.

So one of my favourite workouts is this one! You pull the rope from behind you and pull it forward, always keeping your back straight, while squeezing your bum as much as you can. It’s a really good workout for your glutes! If you want to see more of the technique – search cable pull through on YouTube.

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So on to one of my other favourites! Squats. Here again – it’s really important to keep you back straight and squeeze your bum as you straighten up. Like all other exercise I recommend you look it up to get the technique right before starting. It’s very important when your back is involved.

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I also do deadlifts and leg press on the days I do legs!

Hope you enjoyed reading about some of my gym routines, and if you have any questions feel free to ask! Also for anyone in Bodø – I really do recommend this gym to anyone in the city. It’s always open and they have everything you need for your workouts!

Check out their fitness centre here!

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