Fun facts

Favourite Things About Summer

Nooo makeup! Or less makeup. I remember in Thailand I never used makeup and it was just so nice to not think about that in the morning or in the evening. The sunshine gives you more of a glow and I do feel like my skin always looks better and more healthy after not using makeup for some days. Because of the sunshine it usually makes people feel more comfortable without makeup – and to be honest I would never want to wear foundation and all that at the beach or in the park when the sun is shining right on me… I just feel like I’m being cruel to my skin and it’s not very comfortable – or nice to have makeup running down your face.


“Dagsfylla!” Haha, so that’s a Norwegian word – meaning “day-drunk or day-drinking?”. I think you understand. Drinking during the day and feeling a bit tipsy while the sun is shining and there’s still hours left of the day. Ah I actually love it. Not trying to sound like I drink every day in summer, but days with wine in the park, sitting in pubs or restaurants with friends… It’s so nice and one of my favourite things in summer!



Traveling! It has always been something I have looked forward to every summer. New places, old places… Just getting away for a bit and making new memories!


Vacayyy! Some days off work just enjoying life! To be honest before I moved to London the only summers I have been working it’s been when I was living in Milan for modeling. And I also I think I did it with my first job that was at a post office in my hometown. But I’ve always been lucky enough to be able to enjoy the summer.

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Stress down! I always feel like I can relax more in the summer months. I’m almost always stressing about something, but for some reason I always feel like I have more time during summer. That is until we’re in September and I’m wondering where all the summer days went…


Less clothes! Finally no more hoodies and jackets and me freezing. I hate being cold and it doesn’t ever take a lot for me to be freezing. Since I’m from Norway and live in London I can’t say it’s always the case for me that I get to only wear skirts and dresses and bikinis in summer, but when it is – it’s the best!


That’s what came to mind right now – if you have anything to add please do so! I would like to know!

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