Make A Choice

Everyday we’re reminded how short life is… The world is not a safe place anymore – or was it really ever? We all hear about accidents, tragedies, illnesses…

But do you ever stop and think about the fact that the old lady in front of you, that you’re getting annoyed at because you just want to get your coffee, who smells because she can’t take care of herself anymore and can’t remember the pin to her card, once was young like you? Carefree like you?

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The man that now can’t speak, who get’s angry because no one understands what he is trying to say, hurts himself because he sees what isn’t there – did you know that he used to make the funniest jokes and used to work for hours, climbing up on people’s rooftops to fix them?

Did you know that he did everything to get his little granddaughter to smile?

Did you know that he was the most handsome guy in his town when he was younger, having all the girls admiring him, but he was too shy to realise?

I know that.

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Life just sneaks up on you and as you get older you realise there are certain things in life you have no say in. But do you know what you can do?

You can make a choice.

Make a choice to be happy – to appreciate things and not let moments or good people go to waste. Enjoy the moments and keep the people with you.

Did you know there was this guy at Starbucks the other day? He was in a wheelchair and had someone with him to care for him.

Did you know I was upset and almost crying while doing my best to hide it?

In the crowd he saw me.

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Did you know that he made the effort moving his wheelchair to go over to me, shake my hand, say his name the best he could and let me know it was nice to meet me?

I saw in his face that he knew. He wanted to make me feel a bit better.

Did you know that I was smiling even after he left?

Did you know that he made my day a thousand times better?

The world can be such a cruel place, but there is so many beautiful people here.

Thank you so much for noticing me.

Photos: Tim Copsey

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