The second I woke up today I knew that something had happened… It makes me feel so angry and upset that we can’t even feel safe at concerts anymore…

How do people get these twisted views on the world? What is going on in someone’s mind making the choice to ruin so many lives?

I often find myself thinking about these cruel actions, worrying and thinking… I know we should not stop living our lives, but the other day I was just thinking that someone is planning something in this exact moment – we would just not have any idea when or where… I find it scary, but most of all it makes me angry.

It makes me so angry how one single person can have the power to ruin so much for so many. I don’t have any words for it to be honest.

My thoughts go out to everyone affected by the tragedy in Manchester ❤ The world just needs to stand together.

I just really wish it was different. That we could go to concerts, go to clubs, get together without it being a fear of something that has no meaning at all – only to break and ruin and hurt.



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