A different look

I can’t remember ever being this tired – I know I have, but right now it doesn’t feel like it. I went gym after work today, and with only about three hours of sleep and standing on my feet all day both my legs are almost impossible to walk on atm, haha.

Days like these I wish I could snap my fingers and just be at home. It will always be the best when I’m so tired and just want to be in my house with my mom around me taking care like she always does… Will never get too old for that ❤

Ah this homesick thing talking again. I just feel like it’s about time to spend some time with the important people in my life that’s always been there. At times I feel so far away and it hurts a bit, because I should choose to be with them and spend time with them now that I can. I don’t want to spend my life always being away from the people that means so much to me. I just have to remember that I won’t ever get years of not being with them back.

I will keep traveling, but I will always keep coming back for them as well. And they will keep coming to my destinations wherever I go.

I’m by myself right now and will probably fall asleep any minute. The weather will be amazing this week in London by the way. Perfect way to spend the last time here before Norway.collageggggg

Here’s two snapshots from the photoshoot yesterday! Makeup done by Natasha Cole. I’ll post some of the photos when i get them!

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