Gym Routines

Finally been getting some proper routines when it comes to workouts and gym – and it feels so good!

I used to do a lot of running, and I’ve always been really active so it’s not really a huge change for me to start going gym as I’ve been doing it back home, but now I’m focusing more on weights and strength. Why? Because I feel like it gives me a lot more. I feel my body getting stronger and I see the results as well. I also love the feeling I get when I really feel how hard I’ve pushed my body. It’s a good kind of pain.


I usually go 3-4 times a week – always hope and try for more, but with work sometimes I can’t be able to do 4-5 every week. I do a lot of legs, but it almost always involves arms, abs and back as well. If you’re interested I could tell you more about what exercises I do. The times I do cardio I always do HIIT – intervals on treadmill – as fast as you can 20 sec and 10 sec off.


If  you have any questions feel free to ask!



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