What happened?

So this is the type of posts I would usually write in Norwegian. More personal. It’s obviously because both writing and talking in Norwegian is generally more personal to me. And at times it is easier explaining my feelings and thoughts.

Today is the National day in Norway.  Norwegian Constitution Day. Our country means a lot to us, and this day is very important to us – we also wear our most special and valued national costume – “bunad”.

I feel at times I have tried to keep my distance when talking about Norwegian things, traditions and so on – because I have always dreamt of something “bigger” and acted like it isn’t the same for me. It doesn’t mean as much.

Truth is – I’m so proud of my country. I’m so proud of the love we show to our country and how we celebrate days like this.

I didn’t have the best day. My mom left and went home. I wanted to do something with someone because I kinda wanted to celebrate my country even though I’m not in it and well, things didn’t go as planned. I saw some people on the overground with Norwegian flags shouting and celebrating. It gave me a happy-proud-sad feeling.

I’m so happy and proud to be from Norway – to be Norwegian. And I’m so happy and proud to see my fellow Norwegians (lol who would’ve thought me “miss I need to go anywhere but Norway” would say that) show how proud they are of our country wherever in the world they are!

And I’m sad. Sad because I’m not wearing my “bunad”, not having champagne breakfast with the girls I grew up with, sad because I don’t hear people being annoyingly happy and yelling “GRATULERER MED DAGEN!!!!!” (meaning happy birthday – as it’s basically Norway’s birthday<3) to every single person.

I know it also has something to do with me having had enough of London for a while now, and soon getting to go back home for a bit which I am so excited about.

What happened to the girl who just wanted to get away? I still want to get away, but as years go by I just realise how proud I am of my country and how much I love some of our traditions even though people and certain things still can annoy me – my country is so beautiful.

GRATULERER MED DAGEN NORGE ❤ I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU no matter how many times I leave you.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetIMG_5026

This is not our national costume btw, this is what we wear when we’re “russ”, which is a different story… I’ll tell you later. 


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