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Love Of My Life?

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Found this photo, and it’s from when my mom was visiting me in London and we were in Starbucks. I remember I was ill before we left for Norway so I hadn’t been drinking coffee in so long, and I bought it once but I actually didn’t think it was as nice as I remember. Now I look at this photo and all I think about is soy latte from Starbucks 😦 Haha, I just love it too much I think. It might be because I always used to drink hot chocolate and I loved it soooo much, but then I couldn’t drink milk anymore and I tried soy latte because my mom was always drinking it. Super interesting fact, right?

Anyways – we just worked out, and now we’ll eat and then go work a bit at my dad’s new hut to make some extra money. It’s supposed to be the only rainy day today so it’s the perfect time to do some work!

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Today Through My Phone

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This has been such a nice day! Finally got to see my brother again, and meet his girlfriend – so weird to think that he’s going to be a dad soon, but I know he’ll be a great one ❤

For you guys who don’t know we’re at my dad’s right now, and we’ll stay here for a week. The plan is to go fishing, work out outside in these nice surroundings, chill and just enjoy summer. My dad has the cutest little kittens here and I also got to drive the huge car you see in the photo, haha. Fun!

In a week I’ll also get to see more of my family, so I’m really happy I ended up going here this summer. Also really happy Dan is with me – he makes it even better and I’m so glad everyone gets along so well. Means a lot to me!


Bikini + Cardigan?

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Some close ups from a sunny day back in Bodø. Actually wearing a bikini top under the cardigan, but it works for summer days I think.

We only got three hours left to drive in the car today, then I’ll see my brother and grandad later today. Excited, but on seeing my grandad I know it might be the last time so it will feel different…

We just had breakfast and will start driving in a bit ❤

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Where Are We?

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Definition of Norway right here, haha… We have been driving for 8 hours today, and we’re almost at our destination. We’re basically driving from North of Norway to the Middle of Norway. We stopped at a super cozy place and we’ll be staying over at this hotel, with all these cute huts as rooms. It’s so pretty around here, and I’ll probably take some more photos for you guys.

Also excited for breakfast tomorrow, haha. Hopefully a very nice hotel breakfast. Will forever be one of my favourite things when staying at hotels.

I’m actually not that tired because I slept in the car, so I’ll walk around a bit more – maybe see if there’s any shops near by.

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Can I Get Forever?

The feeling of not being in control. The feeling of time just passing by.

I get stressed out because I want forever.

I don’t know what will happen. Is there going to be nothing or is everything going to be new?

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I just know I would never want to be someone else.

I would never want my battles to be different because they have made me into who I am today.

I would never want to be without these loving people I have around me.

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I really do appreciate every bad and good thing in my life so much. It has helped me grow, and I do feel grateful for the person I’ve become so far and how my eyes see the world.

I don’t know what’s to come, but even though my life will change – I will still be me and I know I will keep the people I love in my life. It’s what I’ve been doing since I started living.

So I think it’s a scary feeling.

Not having forever.

Am I being greedy? Yes, probably.

Does it make me appreciate every day more? Yes, hopefully.

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So I try to look around. I see what I have at this moment – and I feel so happy.

I might go chasing for different things, but never would I go chasing for different people. You only have this one life to keep them with you – and damn if I ever let them go.

I’m keeping them with me.