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New Photos From My Photoshoot!


Photographs @christianyi_

Here’s some of my latest pictures from one of the photoshoots this week! I loved the vibes – the location was Downtown LA in the Diamond District. I have more pictures coming up as well – so stay tuned!

I woke up today with a cold and I think it’s a mix between lack of sleep and the air in this apartment. Not making it better because of all the fires going on as well, it affects the air for sure. I have gotten all my work done though, and now I have these last days to just have fun in L.A before I’m headed home!

Yesterday we were doing bonfire on the beach but I was literally half asleep the entire time. It was really cosy and nice, but when my body and head is tired I’m just not working properly. So we went back, the other girls went out and I took a long shower with the lights turned off, music and scented candles. It’s my new thing, lol. Always makes me feel so relaxed and good.

Now I’m gonna go to the gym! Hope everyone’s good!

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What Have I Been Up To?! Photoshoots, Modeling, Filming…

My last week here is the busiest ever! I have so many pictures to show you guys as well, I’m really excited! So on Sunday I had an all day shoot with evening gowns at the most gorgeous place (you’ll see soon!), and yesterday I had another shoot and we ended up filming a lot as it’s mostly what the guy I was working with does, so there will be a video coming up – and there’s already some pretty cool clips out on my Instagram story if you haven’t already seen it! And then today I’m going to an exciting casting, and tomorrow another photoshoot! Lots of things going on. Really exciting and fun! Stressful, but in a good way.

I’ll update you more with new pictures and everything soon – now I have to run! Have a great day/evening/night ❤


Photo: @garretstone

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More Modeling Work









Since I first came here and heard about Griffith Observatory I’ve wanted to go. I didn’t really know about it until people here started talking to me about it. And now that I’m leaving really soon I’ve actually written a list about things I want to do and places I want to see before I leave! I’ve been so busy the entire time I’ve been here and it hasn’t been a holiday in that sense, so now I’m really excited to do these last things so I get to experience being a tourist as well.

An idea for you guys – buy a notebook where you can plan important things, write down goals, things you need to get done. When you see it on a piece of paper it feels more important to you and you remember to make the time – and especially if it’s something you’re not really excited about doing it feels great when you can cross it off your list!

Today I confirmed a casting next week for a cool company, and I’m excited for another shoot on Sunday! And hopefully two more shoots my last week here! Making the most of LA while I can.

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How Long Am I Staying? Where Am I Going Next?





Thank you so much for all the love after my previous post ❤ It’s amazing, and I hope some of you got inspired and realized how important it is to work on yourself and the love you have for yourself – because if you dont have that you’ll never be happy no matter what you look like.

So in two weeks I will actually be back home in Norway at this time! That’s crazy! I can’t believe my time here is almost up already… I’m so happy about what I’ve made happen with such a short amount of time though, not even two months. And I can’t wait to come back here! I’ve figured out the answer to the question which was part of the reason why I came here – and that was if this is the place I need to be in my life right now – and yeah, looks like this is where I should be.

When I get back I will only be home for about a week, and then I will go to Gran Canaria. My mom and I has this tradition that we always go somewhere together once a year for a girls trip and to spend time together, which we’ll always keep doing ❤ It’s been a while since our last time, so I think it’s gonna be really good.

Right now I’m making the most out of my last weeks here, and then I’m so excited to come home and see Dan who’s back home working right now! Before this the longest we had been apart was actually only two weeks, and that is literally from the second we first met – ever, haha. Crazy!


BEFORE AND AFTER PICS – What Did I Look Like When I Was “Perfect” In The Modeling Industry?

So I have told you in videos about my first meeting with the modeling industry, which you can find here if you haven’t seen it yet, and I started thinking… You know, I actually have quite a lot of pictures – why don’t I show you guys before and after?

So lets start… In these pictures I was actually told I was “perfect” and how everyone wanted me in the industry. I had just came from Athens and had recently been at my skinniest, on the pictures I was in Milan and had started to gain a bit of weight but damn I was still struggling a whole bunch looking back at it. Not eating, binge eating, “fixing” it with only drinking juice the day after… All these things coming back to me like HOW did I think it was ok and normal?! It’s almost like I forgot it all until I start really thinking about those times. So here you see a sad girl really struggling inside but still being told she’s “perfect”. Messed up, right?


This was apparently the “perfect” size for me in the modeling industry… Being skinny like that does NOT make you happier by the way, if you were wondering. It’s all about self love, and when you are told you have to be a certain way and you choose to listen to others and change your body after their words, you have lost yourself and there’s no love left. This was in 2014. If you watch my video there’s my information about how I was struggling, and for how long.







Then here I am todayyyy! Still doing modeling, still doing what I always wanted – more than ever actuaully. I’m working towards what I want, I love myself and I’m just enjoying food, weights, everything that brings me happiness! I have always had a passion for working out but always felt like I had to restrict what I could do because of modeling, I was wrong! To me I do not want to do high fashion modeling, and modeling is not everything to me, not at all. I have so many things I’m working towards and even bigger goals. I’m not trying to get told how to live my life by an agency that doesn’t understand me, I’m gonna do my own thing and be surrounded by people who respect that. I do weights, get stronger, see results of my hard work while feeling happy about it and it’s actually pretty fucking nice having my booty back, because it has always been there, I just literally starved it away which is so sad. It has obviously grown as my strength has grown as well, which is also pretty cool.


Feel free to share! And if you have a story to tell or you want to talk or anything feel free to reach out or just leave a comment ❤ Loving yourself is always the most important thing.

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Have I Met A Lot Of Celebrities In LA?

I know there’s a lot of girls that come here to meet celebrities, or sleep with one of them, or just be at the afterparties so they can tell all of this to their friends when they get back home. There’s no lie – you will meet a lot of successful and rich people, celebs and all that if you go to the “hottest” clubs and hang out with the “right” people. It’s honestly the easiest thing here. And no – I don’t have anything against people who do all of this just to be able to tell others about it, I even know people like this, but it is just so far away from who I am and what I’m here to do. I just don’t understand the mindset.

I will never be a fangirl, if I can put it like that, but I always admire and respect success if it’s done the right way.

So no, I won’t tell you about the celebs I’ve met, the rich people, the afterparties, not in that way – but maybe one day I’ll spill all the secrets and let you know how this whole thing is in reality, if you didn’t already know. I’m here to focus on my thing, and get as far as I can. Contacts are so important out here – but just because he is famous and wants to sleep with you does not mean you will get very far. Except if your goal and thoughts on getting far is to brag about it back home, that’s your business, but not the goals I think you should set for your self.

When did some people start to think that it’s an achievement to come to someone and brag about kissing a guy who’s been in a movie or hanging out at an afterparty with someone who only wanted one thing from you but has a lot of followers so it’s super awesome? I would however love to hear you talk about what you have done for your self and future from being around those successful and/or famous people because that’s what interesting to me. Did you get respect? Did you gain anything for your self?

So yeah, there are huge opportunities here – but you just need to figure out yourself first. Maybe you have a completely different mindset and think celebs or famous people are more worth than you or anyone you know, but I hope you don’t and rather see the success and inspiration – if it’s there, that is.